Project Management and Process Redesign

ROCs Project Management and Process Redesign coaching provides a professional project manager to teach and guide your hospice through the creation of a project coordination and management structure to drive successful outcomes on the right projects at the right time.

Many hospices have a huge backlog of uncompleted initiatives. The daily tasks manage to be completed, but the Big Rocks just don't seem to get done. Many hospices just haven't learned how to execute project sized tasks. Organizations can be crippled by the lack of a proven methodology for the management of projects.

ROCs can train and coach your organization through the implementation of professional project management principles. We can help you put a structure in place to identify the valuable projects, prioritise them, assign resources, and get them done on time, on budget, with expected results.

Whether the projects are related to compliance, efficiency, clinical, support, IT, or the use of the EMR system, these principles work. Other hospices have enjoyed the benefits of getting the Big Rocks done and institutionalizing the practices that make it possible.

Want to learn more? This white paper explains the concepts.  Moving the Big Rocks