Information Technology

These days, every aspect of your hospice relies on the proper configuration and functioning of your technology resources. The convergence of the various entities of the healthcare industry by the use of IT is being seen as the solution for reducing spiraling healthcare costs and improving quality of care. As you know, the federal authorities are leaving no stones unturned to further apply technology to achieve a truly integrated, secure, and accessible healthcare industry. This level of importance requires your technology infrastructure to be reliable, scalable, and of current technology. It requires your IT staff to be skilled and focused on the delivery of technology services and functionality.

ROCs offers an array of coaching services to help you address this challenge:

  • Information technology assessment looking at: infrastructure, applications, compliance, processes, people, strategy, fiscal responsibility, and projects
  • Software evaluation, selection, and implementation
  • MS Office automation using VBA macros
  • programming
  • Other services depending on the specifics. Please contact to discuss