HIPAA Security Education The HIPAA Security Rule and HITECH Act define standards that address the confidentiality, availability, integrity and overall security of electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI) within healthcare.  You are required to implement a variety of practices within your hospice and to show evidence of your practice.

ROCs provides HIPAA Security Education covering safeguards required by the HIPAA Security Rule to protect the security of protected health information in electronic form.  This education is recommended for the compliance officer, security official, IT staff, or anyone else who will be involved in implementing or who needs a detailed understanding of HIPAA Security.

The education can be tailored to fit your specific needs, but typically includes HIPAA Privacy versus HIPAA Security, HIPAA Security standards, relevant HITECH Act requirements, and practical guidelines for application.


Project Management Education - Hospice agencies can be crippled by the lack of an ability to execute projects. Think about it, nearly every improvement or regulatory requirement in your hospice requires a project to be accomplished. Unfortunately, many hospices have not been exposed to project management principles and they struggle with projects that cost too much, move too slowly, and don’t deliver the expected results.

The consequences of poor project management in the implementation or reimplementation of software systems is often seen. Many agencies are not realizing the benefits of the best-practices designed into their EMR system. Organizations are often using a small portion of the system because they have chosen to cling to past processes, have customized the system to retain their beloved processes, and have consequently put themselves on a path toward greater separation from the present and future efficiencies of the system.

Experience has shown that the adherence to a simple project structure and methodology greatly improves the success. Projects can be completed on time, on budget, and achieve the desired benefits. The project leaders and team members have a positive experience and are excited to take on the next challenge.

A certified Project Management Professional (PMP) provides education and guidance in the application of best practices for creating a project coordination and management structure within your hospice. One that will help drive successful outcomes on the right projects at the right time.